Who is Albert Woo?

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In search of the ultimate Asian Male role model in the West...

What comes to mind when you think of an Asian man? It may be the strong and tenacious martial arts movie star, Jackie Chan. Or perhaps a stoic intellectual like the Beatle's Maharishi. But what about a passionate, artistic, ultra-hip, funny... yo-yo champion?

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Who is Albert Woo?


"The 52 minute masterpiece challenges every concept about Asian man. And unlike any other film, this one mirrors Bermuda's own quest for national identity."
Jarion Richardson, Bermuda's Royal Gazette

"Hoe has the touch of an experienced journalist who is able to draw from his interviewees' honest and sincere revelations. His conversations with Jackie Chan are perhaps the most revealing, in part because Chan is quite familiar to North American audiences, yet still seems so far away... Combining a standard interview approach with some original storytelling techniques, the film successfully explores the issues at hand while offering substantial food for thought..."
Matt Pearson, The Gazette, Montréal

"The film challenges Asian stereotypes... ALBERT WOO is really a Renaissance man of sorts for the new millennium."
Daniel C. Tsang, Orange County Weekly

"WHO IS ALBERT WOO? smashes Asian stereotypes in nearly every imaginable walk of life... It is an eye-opening experience for audiences of all ethnicities..."
Minneapolis St-Paul Int'l Film Festival

"Albert Woo has achieved mystical status, becoming a signifier for the Asian man in contemporary society..."
Victoria Harstad, Hawaii International Film Festival

"... an entertaining and insightful documentary..."
Diane Burgess, Vancouver International Film Festival

*** ... Not to be forgotten..."
Vancouver Sun

"... the Director discerns a drive to exceed or defy cultural expectations... he sees masculinity as a battleground that leaves few men unscathed... Thought provoking that's fun to watch..."
KE, Georgia Straight

"Through interviews with a variety of Asian men and women, including Jackie Chan, Hoe makes some refreshing points that many have rarely considered."
Westerner, B.C.

" It had lots of personality and was fun to watch... I think this is Hunt's best film yet..."
Lois Siegel, University of Ottawa



52 minutes Colour, 35 mm





Jackie Chan, Dr.Mohan Agashe, Girish Bansal, Salman Hussein, Ming Lee, Herb Lim, Harvey Lowe, Karl Lyew, Tetsuro Shigematsu, Cecilia Cristobal.


  • Written by Hunt Hoe & David Sobelman
  • Editors Marlene Millar & Alfonso Peccia
  • Cinematography Michael Wees
  • Sound Alain Tremblay
  • Music Janet Lumb & Dino Giancola



  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Montreal Asian Heritage Festival (fundraiser)
  • Les Rendezvous du Cinéma Québecois
  • Newport Beach International Film Festival
  • ReelWorld Film Festival
  • Minneapolis St-Paul International Film Festival
  • Bermuda International Film Festival
  • Vancouver Asian Heritage Festival
  • Yorkton "Golden Sheaf" Film & Video Festival
  • Bangkok International Film Festival
  • Anchorage International Film Festival


Germaine Ying Gee Wong

National Film Board of Canada

Who is Albert Woo?
Photographs from the
Montreal Asian Heritage Festival Fundraiser
Held Oct.22, 2001
at the Cinema Imperial, Montreal

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