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A trilogy of 3 Montreal women, 1 Chinese, 1 Greek and 1 Latina, forced to challenge their past, confront their present and answer the call of the FOREIGN GHOSTS.

3 women, 3 cultures, 3 tales of Montreal.

FOREIGN GHOSTS captures the desire, pride, fear, hope and the absolute confusion of immigrants.

Tale #1 finds May Li torn between her French boyfriend and her new arrived mother, who calls him a "foreign ghost".

Tale #2 is the ballad of Anna, a businesswoman of the 90s tries to hide her Greek origin with / without a little help from fellow associate Pepe.

Tale #3 is the poetry of a waitress in a baked goods and donut shop. Tanya, a waitress from Dominican Republic, sexually and mentally challenges three donut shop intellects...

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Foreign Ghosts


"An intricate and complex look at Montreal, with wit and poignance...Hunt Hoe exorcises Montreal's ghosts, capturing Montreal's je ne sais quoi, ...impressive performances..."

Mathew Hays, Mirror

"...ambitious, sympathetically acted...timely."

John Griffin, the Gazette

"Montreal through the eyes of recent immigrants..."

Francine Laurendeau, Radio Canada

"Une perspective refraîcjossante de Montréal...Hunt Hoe possède du style. Et réussit à exposer sur grand écran une réalité qui nous est trop souvent étrangère."

Marc-André Lussier,La Presse

" FOREIGN GHOSTS demeure...nous rappelle l'existence d'une cinématographie québécoise en marge des productions francophones."

Martin Bilodeau, Le Devoir

"...effective use of Montreal's photogenic faces, both human and architectural...Pleasures in watching the talented local actors..."

Stanley Asher, Place Republic

"Heavily impregnated with layers of intelligent gender and cultural interplay, FOREIGN GHOSTS appeals to a wide audience because at issue are universal truths..."

Lisa Foster, Montreal Serai


133 minutes Colour & B&W 35 mm 1:66


English (with incidental Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Greek and Spanish)



Bonnie Mak, Eveynia, Camille Martinez, Waei Pai, Walter Bryant, Carlo Alacchi, Simon Berry, Robert van der Linden


  • Director of Photography Daniel Villeneuve
  • Art Directors Xavier Georges, Sylvie Krasker Finn
  • Sound Michel Zabitsky, Ari Zafrany
  • Music Janet Lumb
  • Associate Producer Constance Cook

    Written, Produced and Directed by Hunt Hoe


  • Vancouver Asian Heritage Month (Pacific Cinematheque)
  • Montreal Asian Heritage Festival
  • Festival International du film de Figaira Da Foz Portugal
  • Shanghai International Film Festival
  • Cairo International Film Festival
  • International Film Festival of India (New Delhi)
  • Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema et de la Video, Montréal


SODEC (Societe Developpement des Entreprises Culturelles)

Department of Canadian Heritage (Multiculturalism Program)

National Film Board of Canada (PAFP)

Canada Council

Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec

Telefilm Canada

Canadian Independent Film & Video Fund

Les Productions Cinefilm et Video Inc.

Les Aliments Wong Wing

Gouvernement du Quebec (Tax Credits Program)

Gouvernement du Canada (Tax Credits Program)


Release in Canada March 1998


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